We are your one stop shop for

Ethics & Compliance Solutions,

Our goal is to help you reduce risks effectively at a low cost.


Safe and secure reporting system for your company. Flexible, reliable and available 24/7.

Manage complaints or incident reports in your company easily and effectively, reducing compliance risks for the company.

E-thics Learning

Online training on a variety of ethics and compliance topics, to foster ethical business culture.

Strengthen the organizational principles of your company and keep your employees updated on policies, procedures and other ethics and compliance topics.


Custom made solution

When we implement your reporting system, we work with you to tailor it to your needs. It will be a solution just for you.

You want your own personalized reporting web page? We can do that too.

Safe and secure

We take confidentiality and privacy very seriously, that’s why our solutions are  ISO-27001 certified. So you can have peace of mind.

User friendly

Our solutions are developed with you in mind. We know you are busy and need your tools to work for you. So try it with no commitments!


We have our solutions in English and Spanish, and some in Portuguese. Do you need a new language? Let us know, we will set it up for you.


We strive to keep our solutions up to date with new technologies and trends, improving constantly to deliver the best experience to our clients.

Security Warranty

At AMITAI we take data privacy very seriously, that is why the AMITAI – Integri-Line platform has been ISO 27001 certified. This gives both our clients and us peace of mind.

Technological platform


Through our powerful API, almost every functionality is a pre-packaged script so you can import it to your operational flow to basically any other platform where you may need it.


With its new design we made the system more user friendly, making the system useful and more personalized, so you can enjoy the experience every time.


AMITAI Integri-Line has been designed to be  a very light application to run. Its architecture and construction makes it a powerful, robust and highly efficient platform on almost any type of device.


The scalability of the platform and its resources are virtually infinite, so it can respond to whatever your need, big or small.


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