About our products

What is the company ID?

It is the access code for each company, that allows reporters to log a report in thei system. In some cases companies have a direct link in their web page, if you use that link you can access directly without entering the ID.

Can I use Integri-Line to receive all kinds of reports of missconduct??

Yes, if you decide you can grant access to different stakeholders to log different kinds of reports for different categories. You decide what kind of reports each stakeholder can report about.

Can reporters remain anonymous?

Yes, once they log in, the system will ask them if you want to remain anonymous. At the end will give them a ticket number and will ask them to create a password, in case they want to follow up on their report.

Is it available in my country?

Integri-Line is available in English and Spanish, it can be implemented anywhere where these two languages are to be used to report. For more details contact us at info@amitai.com

Is the personal information safe and confidential?

Integri-line is a reporting system that serves as a third party to capture each report, safeguarding at all times the identity of the complainant if so desired.

It is also certified ISO27001 to provide peace of mind knowing we have all sort of safety protocols in place to safeguard the information.

What is E-thics Survey of Amitai?

It is an extremely flexible survey that allows any company to know the climate prevailing in the organization, integrating elements and providing recommendations to improve work environment and engagement.

Its application is completely anonymous and through the web, allowing to generate report very nimbly and highly reliable.

Why Amitai Climate?

Every company must know the organizational climate, know your strengths and areas of opportunity, which in most cases generate low productivity, high turnover, poor performance in work teams, etc. Amitai also analyzes many indicators data Engagement, generating an additional report that will help reduce the gap between supply company and expectations of employees.

What sets it apart from other similar surveys?

Most business surveys in the market are very stiff, especially those that make comparative tables “rankings”.

Amitai is the aim of the survey to adapt to the specific needs of each organization, and the purpose for which is carried out (mergers, satisfaction surveys, etc.).

You can also show annual comparative to measure whether actions are implemented directly influencing improve the organizational climate.

Is it applicable to small businesses?

Yes, Amitai has been applied to small, medium and large enterprises.

For small businesses, and it comes with suggestions of topics proposed surveys divided by default, so you can easily set up without the help of experts, making it very easy and friendly user experience.

Why take an ethics course?

Take an ethics course is a great choice for those working in the fields where moral codes and honesty are paramount. By studying the values ​​and ethical principles, workers can perform their jobs with greater awareness and effectiveness.

What topics covering ethics learning module?

  • Bullying at Work
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Sexual Harassment at Work
  • Understanding Conflicts of Interest
  • Safeguarding of Company Assets
  • Ethics in the workplace.
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Confidential Information and Intellectual Property
  • How to make ethical decisions at work

Who accredits the courses?

The courses are accredited by Amitai leader in ethics and international estadares cumplimientro with the highest quality

Who is the course for?

The courses are aimed at employees and companies interested in improving business practices leading to different benefits and partner organizations

Who created the courses?

HRD Global Solutions is responsible for the management of the courses that are created by the hand of international experts in the field, but you can also create custom courses to meet the needs of an organization.

Are the courses can be customized for my business?

We currently have a varied catalog of courses, but also can be customized courses at an additional cost.