E-thics Learning

Slide 100% online training on ethics and compliance towards ethical development business. Strengthens the principles your company's organizational and promotes continuous improvement.

What is AMITAI® E-thics Learning?

It is a platform for online education program Ethics and Compliance courses in Spanish, that every organization must provide its staff.

E-thics learning, provides an opportunity to train all your collaborators at low cost regardless of their level or location, thus generating policies ethics and compliance at work are clear, and the potential risks of default are limited.

Advantages of
AMITAI® E-thics Learning

Custom courses of Ethics

Will work with you from concept development to final product; develop your online training and execute.

Full program the Company

Let us create your own “Personalized University” with our catalog of preset courses.

Online courses

Offer under any license our videos, learning modules, SCORM packages, articles and every available resource.

What is the organizational ethics?

A company with good foundations from organizational ethics offers all those involved in their projects, the same attention, commitment and communicative quality.

Organizational ethics, though not enough, is one of the foundations of good business activity because it defines the correct individual and collective performance of the duties and activities …

AMITAI® E-thics Learning Features

Program aligned with the recommendations of ethics and compliance worldwide.

Program specializing in Spanish and Latin America.

Certificate issued by AMITAIand Global Ethics University.

Available in web 24/365

Some of the topics you can find

  • Bullying at Work
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Sexual Harassment at Work
  • Understanding Conflicts of Interest
  • Safeguarding of Company Assets
  • Ethics in the workplace.
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Confidential Information and Intellectual Property
  • How to make ethical decisions at work


  • Significant savings in training and development.
  • Raises levels of business ethics. Align behavior with business objectives.
  • Constantly updated.
  • It reduces the risk of penalties and fines for noncompliance.
  • Uniformity of knowledge throughout the company.
  • It helps keep records and evidence of training
  • Reapplication manages and tests automatically
  • Generates real-time reports