Slide Secure reporting system tailored to your company's needs, easy to implement and available 24/7. Manage every incident case in your company quickly and effectively.

What is AMITAI® Integri-Line?

Integri-line is a complete report management system that does most of the work for you! It provides you with different communication channels, records every case under a ticket number, and allows access to real time reports of all cases. Everything happens in our secure platform that protects confidentiality, yet is easy to use for both management and whistleblowers.

A complete reporting management solution

Communication channels

Integri-Line offers different channel options, that allows for whistleblowers to report, all connected to the case management system anywhere, anytime.

  • HelpLine
  • Software
  • ChatBot

Available 24/7

Case Management System

Robust software. Easy to configure to your company’s needs. Does the work for you.

It helps you to manage each case with ease, from integrating information to creating digital files, gathering evidence, interacting anonymously with the whistleblowers and generating reports in real time.

Expert Assistance

We provide you with expert advice every step of the way. From designing your campaign, providing you with a variety of ethics courses, to assessing your system annualy, we make sure your reporting system is working for you the way you need it to work.

Friendly and professional operators.

We know it’s never easy to report. Our call center operators are professionally trained to help the person reporting integrate their report.

Whether anonymous or open identity, they help them every step of the way until we gather all the information you need to substantiate the case, and upload it securely into the system.

AMITAI® Integri-line has
the following features:

Easy to use, and works with almost any device, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Cost effective option with no frills, no gimmicks, no hidden costs. Plain good, effective service.

Integri-Line complies with most best practices and legal requirements, such as USSC guideline, ILO, SOX, etc.

Online Service, call center and chat available 24/7. All 365 days of the year.

Benefits of
AMITAI® Integri-line

  • Allows to reveal possible criminal activity within the company.
  • It helps  to reduce potential fines and legal consequences for mismanagenment of incidents.
  • Substantially reduces costs of implementing and managing a reporting system.
  • Automatically gathers and preserves evidence securely for every case.
  • It helps to prevent potential company’s reputational damage.
  • It helps to foster confidence to those reporting, being an expert third party managed system to the company.